Dubai is a modern city of wonders.

Dubai is a modern city of wonders. Almost any talk, any article about Dubai starts with words of praise. No wonder as Dubai is home for the most expensive hotel, the tallest building, the enormous man-made archipelagos, the largest aquarium. And the list is to be continued.
The city was born from a tiny fishermen village 50 years ago. Since the oil was discovered in the region it has been flourishing due to its wise rulers.

They have managed to create a unique infrastructure that attracts both tourists and expats from all over the world. Dubai has become a financial center and the safest place in the Middle East. And the city keeps developing: new buildings that become new wonders, theme parks and water worlds, residential areas and landscape changes. А new Guinness record was set in 2014 when Dubai experienced the most expensive and largest fireworks in the world. It’s obviously the most desired New Year destination with all those light and firework shows held every year.

My darling and beautiful Dubai

Getting back to records, there is the highest residential building in the world located in Dubai Marina – a popular city area. The longest glass corridor runs 820 meters over the city roads connecting Burj Khalifa with a metro station. Dubai is an ultimate shopping destination with its largest Dubai Mall offering any level of shopping and entertainment (more than 1200 shops and 160 restaurants). Dubai airport is the busiest hub on the planet with the largest building by total floorspace.

The desert all around the city gives freedom to engineers and allows to plan the future of the city. The same desert has provided the sandy beaches which are very clean as well as the water of the Gulf. No need to spend the whole holiday at the beach as the city offers a wide range of activities from sky diving and dune bashing to heritage villages.
The city government sees the future as three Ts – transport, trade and tourism. So oil price fluctuations can hardly damage the emirate prosperity. Everyone in Dubai is looking forward to Expo-2020 which promises to be a breath-taking event. The population is expected to grow and it makes the area interesting to investors.